Dump Trucks & Trailers

Product Spotlight

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Titan Thinwall Live Floor Trailer
The Titan Thinwall live floor trailer is built for extreme duty loads such as aggregates/ore, C&D/scrap, logs/wood chips, scrap metal, etc.

  • Solid steel Keith Walking Floor for controlled unloading
  • Haul one way and get a backhaul load for the trip home
  • 48-ft. trailer offers payloads up to 130 cu. yds.
  • Trailer maintains firm footing while floor "walks off" the load

Henderson Asphalt-style Munibody
Henderson Mfg. offers an asphalt body style for its Munibody all-purpose municipal dump body/spreader.

  • Designed to interact with asphalt pavers and other lay-down machines
  • Provides greater reach into the paver hopper than standard dump bodies/combination bodies
  • Will not hang up on pavers, even at a 50° dump angle
  • Sloped tailgate provides additional clearance

Shur-Trak II Front-to-Back Cable Tarp System
The Tarp-over-Rain design fully covers the load, keeping heat in and elements out.

  • Twist-Lok Bow Shanks replace bows without removing the cable
  • Rear Bow Stabilizer reduces tarp wear
  • Integrated Cable Tension Scale
  • Available with electric motor upgrade

Roll-Rite Expandable Pleated Tarp
These pleated tarps act like a straight tarp, then expand up to 10 ft. along their full length, self-deploying on both sides to easily cover heaped loads.

  • Expands to secure load by pulling straps from ground level and securing them to the truck body or trailer
  • Built-in tension helps to refold the tarp as it rolls up
  • Single-piece construction
  • Custom manufactured to meet size needs

Wylie Dump Trailer
This dump trailer can carry a skid steer to a jobsite, be loaded with materials, then hydraulically dump the materials where needed.

  • Can be towed behind any 3/4-ton or larger truck
  • Heavy-duty frame constructed of 6-in. channel iron
  • 6 1/2' x 12' box made of 10-gauge steel
  • Height-adjustable 2 5/16-in. ball hitch or 3-in. pintle
  • Includes tandem 5,200-lb. axles, 7.50 x 16LT highway tires and surge brakes

East Genesis Dump Trailers
East Mfg. maximizes the capacity of its smooth-side aluminum dump trailers by mounting the sidewall panels to a flat outboard position flush with the top and bottom rails.

  • No dirt-shedder plates or fender flares over the tires needed
  • Air flow around the sides is virtually unimpeded
  • Double-wall panel configuration prevents dings on the interior from showing on the exterior

Trail King Ultra Lite Series
The 9,900-lb. Ultra Lite Series bottom-dump trailers feature overall lengths of 36 to 43 ft. with payloads ranging from 22 to 26 cu. yds.

  • 12-ft. gate and 5' x 8' 10" hopper opening
  • Features include oscillating fifth wheel, telescoping pin-style landing legs, windrow reflector, remote variable control and bolt-on push block

Thurston Circle R Side Dump Trailers
Circle R Side Dump trailers feature drop-bottom or round vee tub designs.

  • Third pivot added to the center of the body
  • Garlock bearings in dump pivots
  • Single Side G-rail and rubber Edge-Flex fenders with bolted fender mounts
  • 800 lbs. lighter than previous models
  • 40-ft. tandem axle with 1/4-in.-thick AR400 tub weighs around 14,000 lbs. or 16,000 lbs. with tri-axle

Warren SFS Dump Trailer
The SFS steel frame-type dump trailer comes in 22- to 38-ft. lengths in 20- to 50-cu.-yd. capacities.

  • 10-gauge steel sides and 8-gauge floors
  • Rolled steel, wide flange beam or custom-fabricated side rails
  • Fabricated channels and hat section crossmembers
  • Dual 50,000-lb.-capacity suspensions and 22,500-lb.-capacity axles
  • Two-speed landing gear or optional drop leg landing gear

Fabick Poured On Liners
Poured On high-impact liners offer a durable, protective coating for your truck bed or trailer.

  • "Poured-on" technology offers a mirror smooth finish for cleaner, faster load release
  • Handle temperatures up to 350° F, including asphalt
  • Airtight, waterproof and self-leveling
  • Entirely seamless with no bolts or holes
  • Bond directly to steel and aluminum

Crysteel Profit Maximizer Super Dump
The Profit Maximizer Super Dump from Crysteel features an air-suspension trailing axle from Silent Drive.

  • Trailing axle raises and lowers with standard PTO
  • Optional hydraulic tailgate enhances cleanout
  • High-lift tailgate extends a normal tailgate 15 in.
  • Elliptical or square body styles

J&J True Feather Air Hoist Controls
J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers is offering True Feather hoist controls as a standard option on its commercial dump truck bodies.

  • Provide better control over hoist speed to slow body descent
  • Reduce impact shock to the hydraulic system, as well as mechanical shock to the hoist, body and chassis
  • Allow precise control over material flow during the unloading process

Etnyre Falcon Series
The Falcon live bottom trailers and truck-mounted bodies are designed to unload where others cannot go.

  • Patented conveyor system
  • For sand, gravel, hot-mix asphalt, recycled materials, low-slump concrete and more
  • 42-in.-wide belt

Strong Superdump Steel Dump Bed
This lightweight, high-strength steel dump bed maximizes the benefits of the Strong Arm trailing axle.

  • Conical, elliptical shape gradually becomes wider toward the rear of the bed
  • Extended floor eliminates the need for an asphalt apron
  • Low tare weight

TruckWeight Smart Sensor
The Smart Sensor extends the wireless range of the Smart Scale onboard weigh scale to as much as 500 ft.

  • Provides an axle weight and GVW measurement accurate to within 150 lbs., or 0.3% of actual GVW
  • Uses common AA batteries
  • Measures temperature and pressure changes in the air suspension system and wirelessly relays this information to a handheld receiver

Clement Bottom Hopper Trailer
This bottom hopper trailer has 30% fewer parts for simpler and less frequent maintenance.

  • Weighs less than 12,500 lbs.
  • Front crossmembers and unitized connection between body and suspension eliminate crossmember to subframe connections
  • 25,000-lb., 102-in.-wide track axles