F Series Articulated Dump Trucks

Fuel efficiency, dump-height controls

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Volvo Iron Mark

Volvo has upgraded to F-Series articulated dump trucks with Tier 4 Interim-compliant machines that not only reduce exhaust emissions, but also burn less fuel. Volvo claims up to a 4% fuel-efficiency advantage with the F-Series machines. New dumping functions include detent body lowering and, notably, an adjustable tipping angle. Using the onboard Contronics system, operators can set the tipping angle and, therefore, maximum overall height of the body to ensure safety when working under electrical wires, in tunnels or underground.

Automatic Traction Control (ATC) continues to come standard on the Volvo ADT line. The system senses wheel slip and automatically locks up the driveline's four dog clutches for uniform traction as needed. The A35F and A40F models continue to offer Volvo's full-suspension option.

  • 26.5- to 43-ton load capacities
  • 19.6- to 31.4-cu.-yd. body capacities
  • 315- to 469-gross hp Volvo V-ACT electronically controlled, six-cylinder, turbocharged diesel engines
  • Load sensing, closed center hydraulic system and double-acting, single-stage hoist cylinders raise the body even on steep downhill grades
  • Load & Dump Brake applies the service brakes and shifts the transmission to neutral
  • Onboard Contronics system and standard CareTrack telematics system
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