Cat 725 Articulated Truck Requires Up to 50% Less Operator Input

Automated functions result in an articulated truck that is more productive, requires less operator input and accommodates a range of operator experience levels.

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The new Cat 725 articulated truck is built with the next generation cab,  a powerful engine meeting the current emissions standards and automatic features to elevate productivity. The 26.5-ton (24-tonne) payload 725 truck retains the renowned reliability and durability of the 725C2, while increasing performance for customers engaging in heavy and general construction, mining, quarry and aggregates, landfill, waste and industrial applications.

The first articulated truck to display the new Cat trade dress, the 725 offers improved lighting for easier night work with optional high-level LED, high-intensity lights, LED machine width position marking lights and access lights on both machine sides. The 20% larger cab features infrared blocking glass to reduce solar heating inside, while sliding windows increase ventilation and enable communication with the loading tool and workers on the ground. More vents positioned toward the operator with the new automatic climate control (HVAC) system deliver improved heating or cooling efficiency inside the cab.

[VIDEO] Cat Dials Up Power on 725 Articulated Truck with Next Gen Cab

Four times quieter than the previous cab design, the next generation cab lowers noise levels at the operator’s ear to 69±2 dB(A) to significantly improve operator comfort. Upon cab entry, the “wake-up” feature initiates the machine touchscreen display as the door is open. The cab’s spinal roll-over protective structure (ROPS) eliminates the structural pillar in the back to give the operator uninterrupted rear-quarter visibility. Cab-mounted mirrors offer excellent operator visibility, reduced vibration and easy folding for transportation.

Increased automated functions aid operator

Automated functions result in an articulated truck that is more productive, requires less operator input and accommodates a range of operator experience levels. An exclusive assisted automatic hoist places the transmission in neutral, applies the waiting break and hoists the truck bed to the maximum tipping angle at high rpm, requiring up to 50 percent less operator input. The system lowers the bed with a controlled descent to prevent “body slams” and increase component life. Cat Detect with Stability Assist helps prevent machine rollovers by giving the operator audible and visual alerts when moving and inhibits hoisting if the machine is at an unsafe angle while dumping.

Cm20200306 9be67 21fd9CaterpillarThe 725 powertrain includes the Cat CX31 six-speed transmission to deliver smooth shifting, up to 8 percent greater acceleration and increased speed on grade of as much as 9 percent. Advanced Automatic Traction Control removes all manual traction control decisions from the operator and automatically changes the differential lock engagement level on-the-go to continuously maintain traction, resulting in improved cycle times, increased productivity and reduced tire wear. Engaged in both forward and reverse, Automatic Retarder Control is now fully automated and manages retarding through a combination of hydraulic retarder, gear selection and supplemental application of the service brakes.

Standard Cat Product Link technology connects the machine wirelessly to the office, allowing managers to monitor operating data like location, hours, fuel use, productivity, idle time and diagnostics codes through VisionLink. External payload indicator lights alert the loader operator when the truck is at capacity, reducing the risk of truck overloading and subsequent tire and component wear. The optional Cat Production Measurement system delivers accurate payload information to the driver, loader operator and office to enable productivity tracking and analysis.

Proven reliability

A Cat 9.3 ACERT engine powers the 725 articulated truck with a 342-hp gross power rating. Its Cat Clean Emissions Module package consists of a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) catalyst to meet U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage V exhaust emissions standards. Automatic, on-the-go regeneration occurs during normal duty cycles to quickly clear the DPF. Eco Mode can reduce fuel consumption by up to 5 percent and can be enabled and disabled by the operator on the go.

The front suspension system delivers a smooth ride over rough terrain and for greater speed while softening impact loads. A flexible fender design extends component longevity and reduces repair costs. Machine frames are designed to handle high torque loads, decrease hitch area stress and optimize suspension geometry to maximize uptime. The 725 articulated truck’s universal joints feature lifetime lubrication, while other lubrication points are grouped in the hitch area for easy access and reduced maintenance time.

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