Deere L Series Puts Load-Sensing Hydraulics in 14-ft. Backhoe

All-new L-Series backhoes include heavy-lift 310SL and 410L with 40% more craning capacity, no-aftertreatment 310L EP, 315SL with side-shift backhoe

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With the Tier-4-Final L-Series backhoe loaders, John Deere converted its 14-ft. 310SL to a pressure-compensating, load-sensing hydraulic system like that used in its near-16-ft. 410L and dubbed the new variant the 310SL HL (heavy lift). With electronically controlled variable-piston hydraulic pumps, the 310SL HL, and the 410L, deliver 25% more backhoe-boom lift capacity than comparable K-Series models. The two models' more sophisticated hydraulic systems also offer a new Lift Mode that can be engaged with a push of a button. The mode sets engine speed at 1,400 rpm and maximizes hydraulic pressure up to 4,000 psi for an additional 10% to15% craning capacity.

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In 2016, John Deere completed its L-Series line with the introduction of the 710L. The newest model offers a 17-ft. 3-in. dig depth, which is the largest in the company's portfolio. Its EPA Final Tier 4/EU Stage IV-certified 4.5L Deere PowerTech Plus engine provides 13% more net peak horsepower (148 hp/110 kW) than the K-Series model.

In 2017, John Deere added new standard features to the L Series backhoes including precision mode which allows reduced-speed hydraulic functions while operating the backhoe end of the machine. The improved pilot controller increases the metering range by 16% and enhances operator feel at the controls.

Other 2017 updates include a new rear hydraulic coupler with an integrated control that is incorporated into the SSM, a spring-type rear coupler and a redesigned hydraulic thumb option.

Most of the L-Series machines meet U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission regulations with the 4.5L PowerTech Plus diesel engine with selective catalytic reduction and diesel exhaust fluid. Horsepower ratings of the wet cylinder sleeve engine increased for all models, taking the 310L to 93 hp, the 310SL and 315SL to 99 hp, the 310SL HL to 110 hp and the 410L to 113 hp. The 70-hp 310L EP remains certified for a time at Tier 4 Interim with no exhaust aftertreatment components.

A five-speed PowerShift transmission pushes top speed of most models to 25 mph. The Autoshift transmission option employs fuel-efficient direct drive and lock-up torque convertor, and automatically selects the best gear for a specific load between second and fifth gears.

  • Dig depths from 13 ft. 8 in. to 17 ft. 3 in.
  • Standard economy mode can be activated to limit engine speed to save fuel
  • Extra legroom and new seat combine for obstruction-free rotation between loader and backhoe operating stations
  • Redesigned pilot towers have fingertip controls for auxiliary hydraulics and extending dipper sticks
  • Loader control has switches for clutch disconnect, quick shift, auxiliary proportional roller and momentary front-wheel drive
  • 310SL HL comes standard with an extendible dipper stick that stretches dig depth beyond 18 ft.
  • 315SL features a side-shift backhoe with 13-ft. 8-in. dig depth 
  • Multi-language monitor offers improved diagnostic information
  • Electronically controlled fan automatically changes speed as needed to control coolant temperature
  • Stacked coolers are hinged and tilt away from the radiator for core cleaning
  • Maintenance-free batteries are standard on the L Series, and an optional second battery raises cold cranking amps to 1,900
  • Premium radio option offers Bluetooth auxiliary input and XM Satellite Radio capability

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