Emissions Compliance Beefs Up Dozer Pushing Power

In satisfying EPA diesel exhaust regulations, equipment makers offer more capabilities and performance in their production bulldozers

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Caterpillar expands D6 offering
In addition to updating its existing D6N track-type tractor, Caterpillar introduces the new D6K and D6T models.

The D6N weighs from 36,497 to 39,112 lbs. and is capable of blade capacities from 4.13 to 5.6 cu. yds. It now incorporates a Cat 6.6 engine with ACERT Technology that delivers 150 flywheel hp. The drivetrain includes a planetary powershift transmission and Multi Velocity Program (MVP), which allows operators to choose from five speed ranges in forward and reverse.

Additional features include differential steering, the AccuGrade Attachment Ready Option, a redesigned operator station and enhanced serviceability.

The D6K ranges from 28,409 to 29,690 lbs. and can handle blades from 3.5 to 3.8 cu. yds. Its Cat 6.6 engine with ACERT Technology supplies 125 flywheel hp. A new hydrostatic drive system allows for greater maneuverability, enhanced power turn capability and variable speed control.

A new, spacious operator station features seat-mounted, electro-hydraulic controls, a combined deceleration/brake pedal, optional integrated AccuGrade display, reduced noise levels and added visibility.

Replacing the D6R Series III, the 185-hp D6T is equipped with a C9 engine with ACERT Technology and a planetary powershift transmission. Like the D6N, the drivetrain includes the MVP machine control system with five speed ranges and automated speed control.

This model weighs from 40,550 to 50,968 lbs. and handles blades from 4.90 to 7.35 cu. yds. Its new two-pump hydraulic system powers the steering system with one pump and implement circuit with another. This allows for quick, powerful steering performance independent of implement operation.

All three models come standard with the SystemOne undercarriage. The undercarriage combines a bushing that rotates with a center-tread-idler to provide the capability for high-speed operation in both forward and reverse, while eliminating accelerated wear on the bushing and sprockets during reverse operation. In addition, an oscillating track roller frame keeps more of the track on the ground in uneven terrain.

Dressta Extra adds tractive effort
Dressta's new 46,451-lb. TD-15M Extra crawler dozer has a blade capacity of up to 7.8 cu. yds. Its fully electronic, Tier-3-certified Cummins engine delivers 190 net hp and a maximum torque of 745 ft.-lbs. Power ratings are achieved with a 1,950-rpm engine speed, a 250-rpm reduction over the previous model. The new engine provides a roughly 15% average increase in drawbar pull.

A modular countershaft powershift transmission with electro-hydraulic controls allows the operator to preset travel speed and auto-downshift. A single-stage, 13-in. torque converter with a 2.6:1 stall ratio leads from the transmission via a double universal joint to maximize tractive effort. The three-speed transmission is coupled with two-speed (Hi/Lo) steering, yielding six forward and reverse ground speeds.

The hydraulic control system is combined with advanced solid-state electronic circuitry into the electro-hydraulic motion control system. A single-lever joystick control combines the functions of three levers into one.

The dozer comes with a standard air intake grid heater and is available with an optional six-sided cab.

Komatsu launches dozer models
Komatsu America Corp. broadens its crawler dozer line with the launch of the D51EX/PX-22 and D61EX/PX-15 models.

The D51EX-22 (standard) and D51PX-22 (low ground pressure) are outfitted with Komatsu's 6.69-liter Tier 3-certified SAA6D107E-1 engine rated at 130 hp at 2,200 rpm. The units offer operating weights from 27,778 to 28,881 lbs., and come with large power angle tilt blades in 3.5- to 3.8-cu.-yd. capacities.

The hydrostatic transmission allows push-button selection of variable or Quick-shift Speed control for optimal travel speeds to match job conditions and operator preference. In Variable Speed Selection, travel speed is adjustable through a 20-increment speed range. The Quick-shift Speed Selection enables the operator to select from three predetermined speed settings.

The D61EX-15 and D61PX-15 models range in operating weight from 36,840 to 41,250 lbs., and offer 4.5- to 5.0-cu.-yd. power angle tilt blades. Both incorporate Komtrax technology, which sends machine operating information to a secure web site utilizing wireless technology.

Komatsu SAA6D107E-1 Tier-3-certified air-to-air aftercooled engines provide 168 flywheel hp. An electronically controlled, variable-speed, hydraulically driven cooling fan conserves horsepower and eliminates belts and other service parts. It is reversible from inside the cab for easy radiator cleanout.

The torqflow (planetary gear, multi-disc, hydraulically actuated) transmission automatically adjusts each clutch engagement - such as gear speed, revolution and shifting patterns - per travel conditions via an Electronic Controlled Modulation Valve (ECMV). The ECMV provides smooth, shockless clutch engagement.

The units also feature the Hydrostatic Steering System (HSS), which maintains smooth, quick, powerful control in varying ground conditions during dozing.

Both the D51 and D61 models are also equipped with the low-effort Palm Command Control System.

Deere builds upon crawler line
John Deere enhances its crawler lineup with an updated crawler dozer and a new crawler loader model.

The 85,817-lb. 1050J crawler dozer offers improvements and updates to machine systems, while retaining many features of its predecessors. The unit retains the hydrostatic drivetrain, integral power management system, Auto-Trac system and heavy-duty undercarriage.

New features include a Tier-3-certified, 12-liter, six-cylinder engine that provides electronic fuel management and 335 net hp at 1,600 rpm. A full-featured hydrostatic drivetrain is controlled by a single joystick, and allows the dozer to deliver power turns under load, infinite speed control, power management, counter-rotation, dynamic braking and other benefits.

Two drive pumps and four drive motors efficiently deliver power to the ground, with two drive motors dedicated to each final drive, resulting in more steering power and over 116,000 lbs. of drawbar pull. Maximum net torque is rated at 1,254 lb.-ft. at 1,400 rpm.

A new 11.5-yd., 159-in.-wide semi-universal blade features an improved curvature and clipped corners to enhance loading and increase production.

The 755D crawler loader features a Tier-3-certified, turbocharged, charge-air-cooled, 6.8L six-cylinder John Deere 6068H engine producing 181 hp at 1,800 rpm. The single lever-controlled hydrostatic transmission offers power management, infinite speed control, power turns, counter-rotation and dynamic braking. A transmission-only decelerator operation provides full power to the hydraulics while slowing the tracks. Drawbar pull is increased by 18%.

The hydraulic system features load-sensing hydraulics that deliver predictable response regardless of the load. A single hydraulic pilot control lever results in less operator fatigue and better control. Activation of the return-to-dig, boom float and boom height kick-out functions are also designed to be effortless.

A 100-in.-wide, 3.14-cu.-yd. bucket is standard, with a 2.62-cu.-yd. bucket available. The 755D is capable of 36,869 lbs. of breakout force and has a 31,597-lb. tipping load.