Pull Scraper Systems

Pull scraper systems from John Deere, Bell, Ashland and more.

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John Deere Scrapers and Tractors
Carry-all and fixed-blade ejector scrapers, combined with John Deere scraper-ready, four-wheel-drive tractors, move up to 42 cu. yds. of material per cycle.

  • 9020 Series tractors travel up to 25 mph and provide 375 to 450 hp
  • Scrapers include 10 models with 10-, 10.5-, 12-, 14- and 14.5-ft. cut widths, a 20-in. ground clearance and 15- to 21.5-cu.-yd. heaped capacities
  • Scraper brakes for 18- and 21-cu.-yd. scrapers are activated by the tractor's brake pedal

Double D Grade King Series
The Grade King Series leveling scrapers are available in widths from 10 to 16 ft.

  • Can be towed behind a rubber-tired or track-type tractor from 125 to 500 hp
  • Cut roads approximately 2 in. deep when equipped with deep cutting bar with carbide steel teeth
  • Standard detachable tongue, rear hitch brackets, reversible hitch hammer "strap or clevis" and laser rack brackets
  • Roll-N-Go 48 roller can be attached without modification

Reynolds 20E12.5 Ejector Scraper
The 20-cu.-yd.-capacity 20E12.5 "ejector" pull-type scraper is suited for use with 375- to 500-hp tractors.

  • Provides a 12.5-ft. cut
  • Utilizes the SDS synchronized ejector system
  • Hydraulic manifold with integral valves control all scraper functions
  • Reversible heat-treated alloy blades and wear-resistant cast bits
  • Incorporates a tandem hitch and hydraulics, adjustable yoke hitch, height-adjustable axle mounts and laser bracket

Bell 4206D/T Construction Tractor
The rubber track-driven 4206D/T converts the output of its 422-hp DaimlerChrysler Tier II diesel engine into 65,000 lbf. of drawbar pull.

  • Can pull up to three fully loaded, 18-yd. pull scrapers in tandem over rough terrain
  • Four 6,000-lb. drive modules each incorporate a 36-in.-wide continuous rubber track
  • Fully adjustable control panel and hydraulics

Miskin AirScraper Loading System
The AirScraper air-assisted loading system allows more dirt to be loaded with the same tractor and scraper.

  • Sends a blast of compressed air up through the floor of the scraper, loosening dirt in the bowl to enable more dirt to enter
  • Onboard air tank filled by a hydraulically- or PTO-driven compressor
  • In sticky soils, air "blast" can be used when unloading to blast the bowl clean

Ashland CS18-HD
The 18-yd. CS18-HD carry-all scraper is suitable for high-horsepower rubber-tracked or wheeled tractors.

  • HD reinforced tapered hitch and draft arms
  • Longer rolling radius and lowered ground pressure
  • 17-in. ground clearance

Hoelscher DB Series Towable Scrapers
The DB Series towable dirt scrapers are available in 5- and 6-ft. cutting widths and will carry up to 1 3/4 cu. yds. of material.

  • For 35- to 50-hp compact and utility size tractors
  • Trunnion-style hitch mounted to the lower arms of the tractor's three-point hitch enables 90° turns with up to 30° of oscillation
  • Bowl hydraulically dumped using a single circuit from the tractor