Deere 605K Crawler Loader

27,000-lb. loader with Tier-4-Interim diesel offers keyless start with turbocharger cool-down and auto shutdown features

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John Deere's 27,000-lb. 605K crawler loader is powered by a 110-hp PowerTech 4.5L Tier-4-Interim/Stage IIIB diesel engine through a hydrostatic transmission with infinite speed control, power management, live power turns, counter rotation while staying in gear and dynamic braking. Operators can enable operating features such as turbocharger cool-down and auto shutdown from the keyless starting system's sealed switch module. 

  • Total Machine Control allows customized machine response to control inputs
  • General-purpose or 4-in-1 multipurpose bucket with lifetime lubricated bucket pivot pins
  • Quad-Cool system with standard hydraulic-driven variable-speed suction fan
  • Viscous cab mounting reduces noise from vibration
  • Double-laminated rear window glass and complete interior sound-dampening reduce noise
  • Available with WorkSight technology, JDLink, Fleet Care and Service ADVISOR Remote
  • Bucket Capacity: 1.7 cu. yd.

Specifications: John Deere 605K Crawler Loader

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