Volvo Redesigns Its L350H Wheel Loader

Volvo CE has added major upgrades to its L350H wheel loader.

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One of the more notable improvements on the updated L350H wheel loader is a more responsive hydraulics system featuring new lift and tilt cylinders, and an increased hydraulic working pressure for 10% faster work cycles and higher productivity.

The upgraded driveline features new Volvo axles and an all-new Volvo transmission, which enables the third-generation OptiShift to be equipped as standard. Already found on Volvo L110H to L260H wheel loaders, this technology integrates the Reverse By Braking function and the lock-up function in transmission to improve fuel efficiency by up to 15%. Efficiency is further enhanced by an optimized gear shifting ratio and a new converter that delivers outputs of up to 22% more tractive force depending on the selected gear and machine speed. 

The machine also has an even tougher form with a more robust upper center hinge bearing and updated frames to accommodate the new axles and transmission.

The L350H comes equipped for heavy-duty applications as standard, thanks to the proven Z-bar lifting arm with double sealing on each of the pins, and strong frame structure, which is joined by a reinforced upper center hinge and new Volvo axles. Customers can take advantage of specialized packages that come with specific features for log loading, rock loading, rehandling, block handling or slag handling.

The updates also include extended service intervals that increase uptime and reduce maintenance costs. The engine service interval has doubled to 1,000 hours, and axle oil change intervals have been extended to 4,000 hours thanks to an axle oil cooler with filtration fitted as standard.

Other features include heavy-duty axles with fully floating shafts, planetary hub reduction and maintenance-free rear axle trunnion bearings.

Productivity features like the Load Assist suite of apps that are accessed from the in-cab Volvo Co-Pilot display further improve efficiency and uptime. The optional Tire Pressure Monitoring System enables the pressure and temperature of the tires to be checked from the comfort of the cab; this extends tire life and saves on fuel consumption. The On-Board Weighing app provides real-time insight into the load of the bucket and payload of the load receiver. And the Operator Coaching app provides real-time information and guidance to operators, helping them deliver optimum productivity while cutting back on fuel use and machine wear.

A variety of complementary Volvo services, including EcoOperator training and ActiveCare Direct advanced telematics, also provide valuable insights for lowering cost per ton and making impactful changes to the way the machine is run.

In addition to a standard remote-controlled door, air conditioning and secondary steering system, the L350H offers outstanding visibility complemented by optional electrically adjusted heated rearview mirrors, a rearview camera and a radar detect system.

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