2 Volvo Mid-Size Wheel Loaders Get New Engines, Makeover

Available summer 2024, the 20-ton L110H and L120H will incorporate new Volvo engines and upgraded electronics. Both will continue to be built at Volvo’s North American headquarters in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania.

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The L110H and L120H mid-size wheel loaders have been given a comprehensive makeover that focuses on increased uptime and convenience for both operators and technicians.

The updated models will continue to be built at Volvo’s North American headquarters in Shippensburg, Penn. They will be available summer 2024 as part of the company’s comprehensive wheel loader lineup that ranges from the 4.5-ton L20 Electric up to the 50-ton L350H.

The highlights include a new Volvo D8M 8-liter engine that offers 256 hp on the L110H and 272 hp on the L120H. Unlike its predecessor, the D8M engine automatically regenerates while working — a technology that’s been proven on the company’s larger wheel loaders.

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The engine also features a new electric pump for priming the fuel system, making the process quicker and more convenient than with the former manual pump. And when fuel gets to the engine, users can be confident that it is clean thanks to new captive fuel filters. These not only ensure good water separation but also help extend engine service intervals to 1,000 hours.

The L110H and L120H wheel loaders feature an all-new ignition strategy designed to make operators’ lives easier. Just as in Volvo articulated haulers, the ignition key activates and powers the machine with no need to turn on the ground-level main switch at the start of every shift. This functionality also removes the risk of the battery dying overnight when the main switch is accidentally left on.

The ignition change benefits technicians as well with the inclusion of a lockout-tagout (LOTO), making it easier to lock the battery disconnect switch in the off position and prevent an unwelcome energy release when performing maintenance.

These models will be the first Volvo medium wheel loaders to include the new-generation Co-Pilot tablet and on-board weighing as a standard feature. The larger, higher-resolution screen will display Load Assist applications like on-board weighing, operator coaching, tire pressure monitoring and more. The Co-Pilot can also connect with phones for hands-free calling and audio playback, and it includes high-definition camera feeds, warning sounds for safety, and radar detect and collision mitigation systems. Operators can customize the home screen with their favorite apps and settings.

The L110H and L120H wheel loaders still include original features such as fuel efficiency, torque parallel linkage and an adjustable engagement strategy for the lockup torque converter. That engagement strategy combined with Volvo’s exclusive Reverse By Braking makes up their OptiShift feature that is standard on both models. They support bucket sizes from 3.2 to 12.4 yd3 (2.4 to 9.5 m3).

Volvo’s advanced telematics system, ActiveCare Direct, also supports operator efficiency and productivity.

These loaders fit quarry and aggregate operations well and are advantageous in forestry and waste/recycling applications where on-board weighing comes in handy.

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