Subaru EH99 5669ea97c1587

The 35-hp EH90 and 40-hp EH99 999cc big block V-Twin air-cooled gasoline engines offer temperature sensors on the engine heads that will shut off the engine to prevent damage from overheating due to clogged air intake valves.

  • Heavy-duty connecting rods, large crankshaft bearings and three-ring pistons
  • Hardened exhaust valve and seats handle high temperatures
  • Standard four-cycle OHV (overhead valve) design
  • Dual element air filter protects from dust
  • Donaldson canister style air cleaner with inlet pre-cleaner
  • Low oil pressure sensor
  • Pressurized lubrication systems keep engine lubricated by pumping oil directly to ever critical bearing
  • Comply with all current EPA and CARB requirements
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