The Vanguard 400 EFI/ETC Single-Cylinder Engine

Officially launching in March 2022, World of Concrete attendees got a first look. This is the latest model to incorporate electronic fuel injection and electronic throttle control.

Vanguard Single Cylinder Engine 400 Efi Etc Standard
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The Vanguard 400 EFI/ETC horizontal shaft commercial gasoline engine is the latest addition to the Vanguard single-cylinder product lineup. The electronic fuel injection (EFI) system provides better fuel efficiency, improved overall performance and quick load acceptance. The engine also offers easy, all-weather choke-less starting.

The addition of the electronic throttle control (ETC) system means operators can count on smooth and consistent power with any load size or terrain type they encounter. And, unlike most fuel-injected engines that need a battery for starting, the engine features battery-free starting, which eliminates the bulk, weight and maintenance of a battery on board.

Like its carbureted predecessors, the engine features a fully integrated cyclonic air cleaner with advanced AutoShed technology, extending service intervals and providing owners with a better user experience and lower total cost of ownership. 

The 14-gross-hp single-cylinder Vanguard 400 EFI/ETC engine will be available for purchase in summer 2022.  

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