Doran Announces Tire Monitoring Integration With Samsara

The integration aims to help fleets reduce tire-related operating expenses, increase equipment uptime and improve vehicle safety.

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Tire-monitoring systems manufacturer Doran Manufacturing has announced the integration of tire pressure and temperature data with Samsara’s Connected Operations Cloud to help fleets reduce tire related operating expenses, increase equipment uptime, and improve vehicle safety. Now, customers using both Doran and Samsara can have tire pressure and temperature information clearly displayed on their Samsara dashboard for convenience and clarity.

Data captured and displayed includes real-time notifications for cautionary and critical low-pressure alerts, rapid deflation events and high tire-temperature conditions. These insights also provide driver managers and fleet maintenance teams with real-time visibility on problem tires through email notification of active tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) status changes, TPMS alert reporting by vehicle and visibility of current tire pressure and temperature readings through the Samsara dashboard.

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