Aalen 73432

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Years in business:Since: 1828
Erlau 16
Aalen 73432
Phone:49 (0)7 361 595 349 6
Fax:49 (0)7 361 595 3214
The RUD Group is a dynamic and modern international family group business. Our group goal is continuous and proļ¬table growth whilst maintaining a high level of social responsibility of our natural resources and environment. Our products give us a clear leadership position across the markets and industries we operate in due to our innovative organisational and operational approach. With over 140 years of experience and expertise you can rest assured that we develop future-oriented solutions through continuous research and development and product innovation. Our wide range of chain systems and components are used across vast applications such as heavy duty lifting, engineering, MOD, construction, manufacturing and offshore to name a few. We see our products as the result of our passion, creativity and excellence in our core competences; metal working, welding, heat treatment, surface technology and forging. Long-term partnerships with our customers their satisfaction, and trust in our products is at the heart of everything we do. We strive to offer customer orientated, innovative, top quality, technologically advanced safe products. This is our joint responsibility as a Group.
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