Michelin Sees Acceptance of Wide-Based Single Tire Reaching Tipping Point

Demand for fuel efficiency and Truck Blue Book's recognition of singles in place of duals raising resale values suggests change in truck-tire buying

Michelin X One XDN2 wide-base drive tire
Michelin X One XDN2 wide-base drive tire

Michelin says with recent demand for lighter, more fuel-efficient tires growing exponentially and X One (Michelin's wide-based tire) now acknowledged by the Truck Blue Book as adding truck resale value, the company believes customer acceptance of wide-base single tires to replace duals on Class 8 trucks has finally reached the tipping point.

"X One is now a proven technology, and we see demand for the product growing considerably as the new fuel economy regulations come into play," said Vic Koelsch, executive vice president of Michelin North America. "Customers will be looking for ways to reduce the tare weight of future trucks and lower fuel consumption. The X Ones do both."

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