Trelleborg Pneumatic Tire Line

Lineup includes the ERD Series, ERL Series, SK Series and TR Series pneumatic tires

Trelleborg Pneumatic Tires
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Trelleborg offers a full range supplier of premium tires including pneumatic tires incorporating a long-life compound that resists punctures.

  • Earthmover Radial Series (ERL) for loaders and graders features all-steel radial construction, enhanced traction on sand, mud and gravel and reduced vibration on concrete and asphalt
  • Skid Steer Diagonal Series (SK) offers rugged bias-ply construction and various tread patterns to enhance traction on sand, mud and gravel
  • Backhoe Diagonal Series (TI) available for use in virtually all construction applications
  • Earthmover Diagonal Series (EM) designed for use in demanding earthmoving applications
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