Yokohama "Dual-marked" OTR Tires

Multiple tread patterns and dimensions in the earthmover and loader product line now have both E and L designations

Yokohama Dual Marked Tire E2 L1
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The the RB31, RT31/RT31+, RL31, RT41 and RL45 OTR radial tires offer dual TRA code designations to handle both loader and transport applications. All will feature an E/L designation within the size on the sidewall.

  • RB31, RT31/RT31+, RL31 and RT41 feature four steel belts for optimum puncture resistance
  • RB31 includes a non-directional block tread pattern for abrasion resistance and traction on soft, sandy surfaces, and comes in sizes 20.5R25 E/L3, 23.5R25 E/L3, 26.5R25 E/L3 and 29.5R25 E/L3.
  • RT31/RT31+ offers an advanced, high-traction tread design for use in soft and muddy terrain and comes in sizes 20.5R25 E/L3, 23.5R25 E/L3 and 26.5R25 E/L3
  • RL31 runs in size 20.5R25 E/L3and includes a rock flush pattern and shoulder protector for added protection in difficult mining and rocky surfaces
  • RT41 comes in sizes 23.5R25 E/L4, 26.5R25 E/L4 and 29.5R25 E/L4 and features a non-directional block pattern for abrasion resistance and enhanced traction on soft, rocky and gravel surfaces, a two-ply nylon chafer for longer casing life and sturdy sidewall construction for longer tire life
  • RL45 comes in 26.5R25 E/L4 and 29.5R25 E/L4 sizes and has an advanced tread composition for improved wear, low heat generation and cut resistance, plus a zigzag-shaped groove for better traction on rock and gravel surfaces
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