Harley Introduces The 740 Mobile Screener

New unit picks up and removes debris from soil.

Harley introduces the 740 Mobile Screener - a 4-foot screener that screens out stones, roots and trash to create topsoil for seedbeds, ball fields or infield mixes.

Harley Mobile Screeners are self-loading and clean the soil by sifting the soil through oscillating screens while sending stones, roots, trash and other debris into a 1/2-cubic-yard hydraulically controlled, ground-dump hopper - all from the operator's seat.

The screening method offers five different screen options with hole sizes, including 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4 and 1 inch. The new EZ-change screens allow one person to change the screens on site to meet screening specifications.

The Harley screening method allows for customizing the size of the material removed, providing faster and more efficient separation of debris from the soil. Along with screen hole sizes, the redesigned overhead conveyor flights enhance the soil and debris separation.

The Harley 740 is an easy-to-tow package because of its light weight and dimensions. The new large flotation tires will assist operators in even the softest soils.

The 740 is a tractor-powered unit that is compact and maneuverable. The minimum power required to run the 740 is a 30-hp tractor with one remote hydraulic control valve.

The unit's size and ease of operation allow it to fit into various landscaping projects. The 740 can be used with the Harley Power Box Rake to create windrows of debris for easy pick up or as a complete one-step seedbed preparation tool. Beaches, landscape sites, horse arenas, ball fields or infield mix can be screened to specification on site.