Compact Crushers & Screening Plants

These machines are approximately one-fifth the size of Screen Machine Industries' standard line crushers and screens


For applications where full-size crushing and screening machines are too large, Screen Machine Industries has added its compact like of crushing and screening plants, at one-fifth the size of its standard line machines.

  • Can be fed by hand, mini excavator or skid steers
  • Small footprint for small job applications
  • Model numbers indicate maximum production capability of tons per hour
  • 50TJ Tracked 16 in. by 28 in. Jaw Crusher
  • 20TJ Tracked 10 in. by 20 in. Jaw Crusher
  • 10TJ Tracked 7 in. by 16 in. Jaw Crusher
  • 90TS Tracked 3 ft. by 8 ft. Double Deck Screening Plant
  • 20SJ Stationary 10 in. by 20 in. Jaw Crusher
  • 10SJ Stationary 7 in. by 16 in. Jaw Crusher
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