Tree Jack

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The patent-pending Rockland Tree Jack, by Rockland Manufacturing Co., is able to effectively pull up to 12.5-inch diameter trees, completely removing the tree and its root structure in one step. It is less costly than other tree removal equipment, and eliminates the need to first cut the tree and then grind out the stump. The Tree Jack is available for skid steers rated at 65 HP and above. Designed to work like a lever, it is essentially a long beam with the skid steer at the work end, and a side clamp that grasps the base of the tree near the far end. The fulcrum (or pivot point) is at the farthest point of the beam, resting on the ground. After grasping the base of the tree with the side clamp, the Tree Jack's lever action is driven by raising the skid steer lift arms, while the pivot point remains on the ground. As the lift arms rise, the side clamp on the beam also rises, plucking the tree from the ground. The Tree Jack is built from high-strength steel, and is backed by Rockland's one-year, 2,000-hour warranty.

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