FT100 Forestry Tractor

FT100 tractor is a multipurpose machine for tree care and landscape contractors

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Vermeer Standard Lockup 2clr Flat

Vermeer launches a new line of forestry equipment with the introduction of the FT100 forestry tractor equipped with an above-ground mulcher. The FT100 is designed for tree care and land-clearing contractors who work mostly in residential and municipal clearing applications.

  • Consists of a 111-hp Tier 4 Interim skid-steer loader with a forestry mulcher attachment
  • Hydraulic system optimizes the horsepower delivered to the mulching head and provides improved hydraulic component life by utilizing a higher flow with less pressure
  • Above-ground mulcher attachment features a ringed rotor design incorporating 18 disks with 17 interchangeable tips to help achieve smaller, consistent-sized chips
  • Four tip options allow the ringed rotor configuration to be adjusted to match several different applications and environmental conditions
  • Fully enclosed, pressurized cab circulates filtered air for operator comfort
  • Rearview camera with in-cab monitor comes standard


Spec Sheet: Vermeer FT100 Forestry Tractor

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