Denis Cimaf DAF Front-mounted Forestry Mulcher Series

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The DAF front-mounted brushcutter-mulchers evolved from adapting the DAH series to vehicles such as wheeled or tracked skid steers or other dedicated units that are designed for use with front-mounted attachments.

  • Suited for intensive brush cutting applications
  • Hydraulic attachments feature a patented horizontal-shaft rotor technology with fixed knives and bolt-on cutting blades
  • Two chevron-like rows of heat-treated forged knives direct brush toward the center of the rotor
  • Knife holders come with protective discs, reducing the risk of breakage of welded parts on the rotor tube
  • One or two variable-displacement axial piston motors minimize overheating problems and improve re-acceleration
  • Industrial cogged belt drive system prevents slippage and reduces effort applied to bearings for longer bearing life
  • Two versions include a double-drive industrial model and a single-drive unit

Video: DENIS CIMAF Land Clearing Equipment Forestry Mulcher for Skid Steers

Brochure: Denis Cimaf DAF Front-mounted Brushcutter-Mulchers

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