EDGE Hydraulic Sand Spreader

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The EDGE Hydraulic Sand Spreader attaches to a skid-steer loader and spreads sand or sand/salt mixtures on icy sidewalks, driveways, parking lots or roads from only 29 in. wide up to 28 ft. The unit allows the operator to scoop the sand into a self-loading 8-cu.-ft. hopper that features an agitator to prevent bridging of material and ensure constant flow. A heavy-duty screen with 3-in. openings protects inside components. Material moves through 3 adjustable gates at the bottom of the hopper and onto an 18-in. wheel with 6 paddles that disperse the material. The unit requires 10 to 22 gpm and features and optional Sidewalk Deflector Kit to spread the sand in one of two precisely measured widths.

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