V60 Hydraulic Snow Blade/Pusher

A snow blade and snow pusher built into the same skid steer attachment

Virnig Manufacturing Hsbp Action 2

Virnig's V60 Hydraulic Snow Blade/Pusher skid steer attachment allows the blade to quickly transform from a straight blade to a snow pusher or any position in between.

  • Variable pusher, straight and angle positions
  • Windrow, push, scoop, pile and back-drag snow all with one attachment
  • Utilizes skid steer’s hydraulics to angle the entire blade 30 degrees in either direction
  • Electric control is supplied and allows independent angling of each wing from 0 to 60 degrees
  • Entire blade adjusts independently from the wings for infinite plowing configurations
  • Floating frame link and 4-degree side-to-side oscillation help maintain full blade contact by following the contour of uneven surfaces
  • Heavy-duty 3/16-in. moldboard features reversible, replaceable steel bolt-on cutting edges that allow 5.5-in. of total wear
  • Optional Poly Edge available
  • Available in 10, 11, 12 and 13-ft. blade widths

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