Vermeer D23x30DR S3 Navigator Horizontal Directional Drill

Dual rod technology and new rock tooling delivers in rocky, congested environments

Vermeer D23x30 Dr
Vermeer Standard Lockup 2clr Flat

The D23x30DR S3 Navigator horizontal directional drill (HDD) integrates dual rod technology into a compact machine design to efficiently maneuver through rock in congested cities, busy neighborhoods or tight jobsites. Featuring a narrow footprint and a weight of 16,500 lbs., it is well suited for fiber, electrical, gas and water installation in hard rock, as well as other challenging ground conditions.

  • Onboard Firestick drill rod dual system enables a 7% downhole steerability
  • Threaded outer rod offers a rotational torque of 3,000 ft.-lbs., while the hex inner rod delivers up to 800 ft.-lbs.
  • Deutz TCD3.6L4 diesel engine
  • Generates thrust/pullback of 24,000 lbs.
  • RH10 drill head provides responsive downhole steering with a 2° bend located in its forward section
  • Drill head can be fitted with a 5.5-in. tricone bit or polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) bit t
  • Toolless PG5 quick pullback grapple helps reduce the need to remove the drill head after the pilot bore when installing small-diameter pipes
  • Carriage speed of 175 ftpm and a rotational speed of 200 rpm
  • Operator ear noise level of 83 db(A) 

[VIDEO] Vermeer D23x30DR S3 Horizontal Directional Drill in Action

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