Ditch Witch JT24 Directional Drill

Ditch Witch's JT24 directional drill delivers powerful pullback with minimal footprint for use in urban and residential areas

Jt24 Image 2

The JT24 directional drill is suitable for a range of urban and residential gas, fiber and other utility installations.

  • Hydraulic platform utilizes technology to maximize drilling efficiency and conserve horsepower downhole
  • 101-hp Cummins Tier 4 Final/Stage V diesel engine
  • Offers 24,000 lbs. of thrust and pullback while maintaining a small footprint
  • Wider frame maintains stability without sacrificing maneuverability
  • 216-fpm maximum carriage speed
  • Holds up to 400 ft. of drill pipe onboard
  • Modern next-generation design enhances operator comfort, ease operation and training
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