New Trenchless Service Line Replacement Unit from TT Technologies

Hydraulically powered Mini-Grundotugger averages up to 15 feet per minute pulling times.

TT Technologies introduces a trenchless method for replacing plastic, copper and steel services - the Mini-Grundotugger.  The hydraulically powered Mini-Grundotugger splits 1/2 - to 3/4-inch copper and 1/2 - to 2-inch PE and PVC house connections up to 100 feet in length with minimal disruption.  The Mini-Grundotugger can be operated by a one- or two-person crew and pulling times can average up to 15 feet per minute (dependent on soil conditions).

Two Mini-Grundotugger models are available.  One model offers 9,000 lbs of pullback while the other offers 12,000 lbs of pullback.  The unit's specially designed splitting head and expander splits the host pipe and pulls in the new pipe directly behind the expander.  Various attachments and cutting head options are available for a wide range of host pipe and product pipe characteristics.