JT30 Mach 1 & JT30 All Terrain Drills

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The JT30 Mach 1 and JT30 All Terrain directional drills feature Ditch Witch exclusive assisted makeup and breakout allowing the machine to automatically adjust carriage thrust speed when making up and breaking out drill pipe.

  • Exclusive carve mode enables operator to steer with patented TriHawk drill bit
  • Exclusive double-pivot drill frame allows steep entry angles without raising tracks off the ground
  • Open-top vise wrenches are angled toward drill operator for tool joint visibility
  • 160-gross-hp Tier 4 Interim engine
  • Heavy-duty anchor system enables operator to push or pull with full machine thrust while maintaining stability
  • Max 85 dBA operator sound pressure
  • 80 in. wide without optional enclosed, climate-controlled cab
  • Rear mud pump cover for operation in colder conditions

JT30 Mach 1 & JT30 All Terrain Operator's Manual

JT30 Directional Drill Spec Sheet

JT30 All Terrain Directional Drill Spec Sheet

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