LS300T+ Trailer-mounted Drill Rig

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The LS300T+ trailer-mounted drill rig measures 190 in. long and 82 in. wide and is mounted to a 7,000-lb.-capacity, tandem-axle trailer for easy transport.

  • Can bore holes 6 in. in diameter and 300 ft. deep in most ground conditions
  • Hydraulic system features a pullback force of 5,000 lbs. for easy removal of augers and extensions
  • Provides 3,000-psi maximum pressure with a 20-hp Honda gas or 19-hp Kohler diesel engine
  • Hydraulic power pack operates at 10 gpm to achieve a rotary speed of 95 rpm
  • Heavy-duty, 6' x 3' mast folds down for transport
  • 200-gpm mud pump allows for quick, efficient clearing of cuttings from the hole
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