Vermeer MX300 Mixing System

Redesigned, slim rectangular profile tank helps to maximize fluid volume to boost horizontal directional drilling productivity

Vermeer Mx300
Vermeer Standard Lockup 2clr Flat

The MX300 mixing system includes a redesigned, slim rectangular profile tank that helps to maximize fluid volume.

  • Works with a variety of horizontal directional drills and is scalable to jobs from small bores to large-diameter, longer-distance HDD applications in varying soils
  • 23-hp Kohler ECH 7300 EFI gas engine enables outputs of 350 gpm of flow
  • Can be paired with up to two 750- or 1,000-gal. tanks at once to help decrease time spent mixing and refilling drilling fluid tanks
  • Wide-mouth hopper and suction hose for convenient pouring of drilling additives
  • Tapered bottom of the tank design helps prevent additives from settling and building up and assists with efficient drainage
  • Width of just 40 in. enables mounting to transport two tanks inside a standard-sized enclosed truck, and helps with convenient transporting and storage
  • Customizable mounting configuration options
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