[WEBINAR] Three Modern Construction Obstacles - A How-to Guide for All

Free AGC webinar (April 9) will discuss often overlooked obstacles in construction and open up a crucial conversation about moving the industry forward

April 9, 2019
April 9, 2019
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Construction companies and professionals like you face significant challenges  from ensuring safety, to competing for business and talent, to maximizing productivity through continuous innovation. But beyond these well-identified challenges, teams and professionals like you encounter a number of obstacles on a day-to-day basis that often go overlooked, yet have a critical impact on a team's or project's success.

In this session, we’ll explore stories around three real and common obstacles professionals face, including the missing link between teams and trades, educating your workforce on professional and unbiased communication, and how companies can create culture and policies that supports and sustains the talent they desperately need. Our panelists will share stories and strategies on these often overlooked topics, and open up a crucial conversation about moving the industry forward at the corporate, collective, and career level.

You'll hear:

  • How to handle communication differences and address biases that can hold up projects and workflows
  • Initiatives companies can take to support and sustain their workforce
  • Equip, educate and encourage
  • Professionals like you encounter difficult situations every day - tune in to hear how to combat these modern-day obstacles and gain the tools and tips every professionals needs to overcome and excel their careers and teams.