World of Asphalt Products

Products on display at the World of Asphalt show in Orlando

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aftermarket wear parts

The Ace Group manufacturers high-quality after market wear parts for pavers, milling machines, material transfer devices, windrow elevators, shuttle buggies and elevating scrapers.

  • Augers, burner boxes, chain, flights, cutting edges, sprockets, screed and floor plates, chain and bar assemblies, track pads, track and chain and track rails
  • Ace also offers its RAPwranger RAP crusher and Shaker Decks
  • Also plant chain, floors, sprockets, flights, buckets and many other required wear parts
  • Booth #1949

Ace Group

aggregate/RAP pre-heating system

Ray-Tech has recently developed an infrared heating system specifically for heating and drying aggregate and RAP.

  • Composed of multiple heating units, which are designed to be placed over a conveyor belt in close proximity to the product on the belt.
  • Length of each unit is 8 feet and can accommodate the width of the belt being used
  • Each unit of the system is completely self contained and can operate independently
  • By placing multiple units over the conveyor belt, you can create as long a heating system as required
  • System is supplied with a centrally located control panel, so each unit can be controlled from one location
  • Booth #649

Ray-Tech Infrared Corporation

AP600D Asphalt Paver

The AP600D is designed for various applications, from routine commercial jobs to highway operations.

  • 174-hp EPA Tier III-compliant engine
  • Dual operation stations with Advisor Monitoring System (AMS) and unique material handling system with independent auger and conveyor controls
  • 8-foot standard paving width
  • Rubber-tire undercarriage
  • Booth #1129

Caterpillar Paving Products

AR-13DR Tandem Drum roller

The AR-13DR generates 3,100 lbs. of centrifugal force and up to 4,000 vpm.

  • 35.7-in. drum width
  • Travel speeds up to 4.8 mph
  • 23.6-hp Vanguard/Daihatsu diesel or 16.6-hp Honda gasoline engine
  • 7.75-in. curb clearance
  • Maintenance-free vibratory assembly
  • Booth #637

Multiquip Inc.

Barrier Lift

Kencos Barrier Lift can be used on any concrete surface including median barriers, sound walls, curbing and piling.

  • Lifting capacities are available from 1,500 to 30,000 pounds
  • Can also be used to align barriers already in place
  • Actuator allows for hands-free barrier movement
  • Elastomer pads provide grip in wet weather
  • Optional self-aligning guides
  • Booth #????

Kenco Incorporated

BF6615 Paver

The 20,500-lb. BF6615 self-propelled asphalt paver features the UNIMAT electrically heated, full-width floating screed, which delivers a standard 8- to 15-ft. paving width.

  • 99-hp Cummins water-cooled, turbocharged diesel engine with ECO-mode
  • Dual vibrators provide 2,500 vpm
  • 9-ton hopper capacity
  • Working speeds up to 180 fpm
  • Crawler-style track drive system undercarriage with bolt-on polyurethane track pads

BOMAG Americas

Blacktopper Asphalt Distributor Heat Strips

Optional electric heat strips are available to mount to the belly of the asphalt tank on the Blacktopper Centennial asphalt distributor.

  • Can be plugged into a source of power for overnight heat maintenance
  • Optional onboard hydraulic-driven generator energizes heat strips as required in transit or while on the job
  • Additional circuit can be added to apply heat to the asphalt pump for fast easy startups
  • Designed to supplement and help maintain asphalt temperatures

E.D. Etnyre & Co.

Bondade CU-31

Transpos Bondade CU-31 asphaltic bond promoter is designed to enhance durability on hot and cold patch repairs, dry or damp holes, pavement overlays or cold joint emergency repairs.

  • Can be sprayed or brushed on
  • Contains no VOCs
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable and non-combustible; will not irritate skin
  • Secures a water insensitive bond between repair and base materials
  • Booth #1276

Transpo Industries, Inc.

Coneqtec/Universal BG Berm Grinder

The BG berm grinder features an offset design and a low-profile drum and housing that allow for berm removal while leaving the guardrail intact.

  • Center-pivot design places the down force of the skid steer directly over the cutting drum
  • Side shift allows the cutting drum to reach under guardrails and obstructions past the skid steers tires and retract to a compact transport width
  • Electric or hydraulic controls are available to operate side shift and tilt functions
  • Booth #1583


Double Barrel Green System

Astecs Double Barrel Green System saves energy and eliminates smoke and emissions without compromising mix quality by using water to produce a foamed warm mix asphalt.

  • No smoke, no smell
  • run high percentages of recycle
  • Longer pavemetn life dut to less oxidation of mix and more uniformity of compaction
  • Reduced fuel consumption due to 50 degrees F lower temperature
  • 11% increase in production
  • Booth #933

Astec Inc.

Ecosorb Asphalt Additives

Ecosorb additives are a natural and effective solution for significantly reducing hydrocarbon emissions as well as eliminating organic or inorganic odors associated with asphalt and fuel oils.

  • Do not contain amines
  • Will not react negatively with your binder
  • Booth #1801

OMI Industries

Equipment Line

Grasan designs and manufactures complete crushing, screening, conveying, stacking and feed/storage systems for quarry operations of all types and sizes.

  • Can create a whole new system from the ground up or integrate new equipment and systems into existing facilities for upgrading or expansion
  • CAD-CAM is used to design and build each system
  • Field technicians available for assistance during assembly and startup
  • Custom operation manuals written for each system
  • Training provided for production and service personnel
  • Booth #823

Grasan Equipment Co., Inc.

Equipment Line

  • Roadtec manufactures asphalt pavers, material transfer vehicles, cold planers and stabilizers/reclaimers
  • Services include parts, including competitive parts for many brands
  • Equipment rebuild, including drum rebuild
  • Booth #934

Roadtec, Inc.

EZ-OP Monitoring System

The VSS EZ-OP monitoring system provides slurry seal and microsurfacing crews with information about the mix design.

  • Decreases training time for new operators
  • Displays current operating parameters in percentages exactly as seen in the mix design
  • Provides information quickly
  • Booth #1967

VSS Macropaver


The FastMeasure mobile distance measuring device helps contractors quickly and accurately measure parking lots, roads, utilities and more from the comfort of their vehicle up to highway speeds.

  • Mounts on the vehicle dashboard
  • Can also be mounted on concrete saws, crack routers, striping machines, etc. for accurate job accounting
  • Scooter package consists of a foldable 450-watt electric scooter, mounted distance measuring device, paint wand and clipboard for measuring and laying out jobsites at up to 15 mph

KTP Enterprises, Inc.

Heater skid

The Heatec heater skid combines a hot oil heater with other components that result in a compact package with centralized controls.

  • Components are mounted, wired and piped at the factory, reducing field installation work
  • Two sizes: 21- or 26-feet long
  • Both are 8-ft. 6-in. wide
  • 26-foot model includes an unloading pump, strainer, asphalt meter and calibration tank; a vertical additive tank can be included instead of the calibration tank
  • Booth #933

Heatec, Inc.

Manhole Safety Ramp

The Manhole Safety Ramp protects motorists from exposed utilities on mill and fill road projects.

  • Made of durable 100% recycled rubber
  • Various sizes available
  • Grip tight design
  • Fast simple installation
  • Stackable for storage
  • Booth #1883

American Highway Products

MK-1 Transfer Sweeper

Broces MK-1 transfer sweepers are designed to pick up and transfer material to a truck in a continuous operation.

  • Allows for significant savings in time, equipment and manpower
  • Load to a height of 10 6" straight ahead or to either side
  • Booth #1559

Broce Manufacturing

MT2000 and MW500

Volvos new line of milling machines includes the MT2000 and the MW500. The MT2000 is a four-track, front-load, half-lane machine powered by a 610-hp Tier III Cummins engine. It can run both 78.74- and 86.02-in. drums. The MW500 is a four-wheel, rear-loading, utility-class machine with a standard cutting width of 19.69 in.
Booth #1149

The MT2000 is a four-track, front-load, half-lane milling machine, while the MW500 is a four-wheel, rear-loading, utility-class model.

  • MT2000 features a 600-hp Cummins Tier III engine, three distinct engine and drum cutting speeds and can run both 78.74-in.- and 86.02-in.-wide drums
  • MW500 features a 29.53-in.-diameter drum with an 8.27-in. maximum cutting depth and 19.69-in. standard cutting width, plus a 7.87-in. tight cutting radius, all-wheel drive and standard anti-slip control (ASC)
  • Line Manager System works in conjunction with the ASC to maintain a constant speed of operation and direction of travel

Volvo Construction Equipment


Hauck Mfg. Co.s NovaStar uses the latest lean burn premix technologies.

  • Easy installation
  • Ultra low NOx emissions of less than 15 ppm
  • Precise air flow via VFD and low horsepower design offers significant energy savings with no inlet or outlet damper required
  • Compact modular design for stationary or portable plants
  • Easily adaptable to long-nose variations
  • Patent-pending lean burn premix technology
  • Booth #1813

Hauck Manufacturing Co.

plant automation systems

WEM Automation offers a full line of PC/PLC-based plant controls for complete drum, batch, loadout and scale ticketing operations.

  • Ethernet network
  • Off-the-shelf parts
  • Windows XP Professional OS
  • ODBC database
  • Built-in redundancy for minimum downtime
  • 24/7 no charge phone/modem service
  • Booth #1807



Asphalt Drum Mixers Inc. manufactures a complete line of portable and stationary plants available in both counter-flow and parallel-flow designs.

  • The Milemaker Series features a dual drum counter-flow design
  • Roadbuilder and SPL series feature parallel-flow designs
  • Booth #1679

ADM Asphalt Drum Mixers Inc.


Stansteel/Hotmix Parts upgrades and updates any brand of hotmix plant regardless of age or condition.

  • Provide engineering, manufacturing and knowledgeabel field service solutions and improvements
  • Offer repair parts to complete new, used or reconditioned asphalt plants from 50 to 850 tph
  • Booth #1901



Rayner Equipment Systems introduces the RaynMaker, a specialty asphalt distributor.

  • Totally self-contained
  • Can be mounted on an available truck in minutes; requires no external hookups
  • Computerized spary rate controls
  • Full-sweep internal mixer
  • Wireless remote control with digital GPS inputs
  • Booth #1871

Rayner Equipment Systems

Screener Crusher

The ALLU SM screener crusher attachment can be used with skid steers, wheel loaders or excavators.

  • Reclaims and recycles most asphalt types
  • Can process RAP on-site to increase RAP usage
  • Can also be used to load materials
  • Available for wheel loaders and excavators in 48 models and screen sizes
  • Screen sizes from 1" minus to 4" minus
  • Booth #1837

ALLU Group


CAL Technologies features the SpraySaver Automatic Truck Bed Lubrication System designed to minimize truck downtime as well as improve and control release agent usage.

  • System is activated by electronic sensors and automatically sprays the truck bed for about 15 seconds
  • Includes a spray rack stanchion with spray piping, wind skirts, reliable injection pump, controller and operating software
  • Compatible with all available release agents that are either soap- or oil-based products
  • Booth #1579

CAL Technologies


EZ Roads TempRamps are made from recycled rubber.

  • Used at milled butt joints, end-of-day joints and steel plates
  • Milling crews place TempRamps down and when paving crews show up, the take them up and place them in the pickup
  • Designed for no cleanup
  • Booth #1953

EZ Road

TR 550 Heated Asphalt Distributor

The TR 550 Heated Asphalt Distributor can heat and spray asphalt emulsions, cutbacks, rejuvenators, primers and more.

  • 300,000-btu vapor heat system with push-button ignition and safety shutoff
  • 7.5-gal. diesel wash down system
  • Standard 5.5-hp Honda engine or optional Yanmar diesel engine
  • Easy access basket strainer reduces tip clogging
  • Electric brakes with safety break-away system
  • Booth #1961


track pads

  • Everpads bolt-on track pads are specially designed for cold-milling planers.
  • Provides better traction and smooth ride
  • Can be found on Volvos MT-2000 asphalt milling machines and are available under Wirtgen Rhino brand
  • Booth #1578

Evertire, Inc.


TUF-STOP car stops from Tuf-Tite Inc. are UV stabilized and made of impact copolymer polypropylene plastic.

  • Available in 3- and 6-foot lengths
  • No painting or rebar are required
  • Come in Safety Yellow, Handicapped Blue and ECO-FRIENDLY Green (Hybrid)
  • Booth #1983

Tuf-Tite, Inc

Uni-Mix pugmill parts

Kenco offers a range of pugmill parts that provide greater wearlife and abrasion resistance to increase the productivity of asphalt plants.

  • Parts include the Uni-Mix, Uni-Shank, Uni-Shroud and bolt-on Uni-Tip
  • All are designed to be easily and quickly installed
  • Streamlined design and 90-degree rotation of Uni-Shank bolts allows Uni-Mix components to slice throught the mix with less friction and less wear
  • Booth #1959

Kenco Engineering Inc

V Series Vertical Light Tower

Allmand Bros. V Series vertical light tower configuration is an option for its Night-Lite PRO Series light towers.

  • Mast retracts and telescopes in and out of chassis
  • Compact design
  • Electric winch allows tower to be raised and lowered in 20 seconds
  • Integrated bunded tray and remote oil drain
  • Booth #655

Allmand Bros Inc.