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PO Box 234
258 Sonwil Drive
Buffalo, NY 14225
United States
Phone:(888) 862-7461
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BEKAWORLD LP (formerly known as Beka-Max of America Inc.) is North America’s source for BEKA-branded central lubrication systems by Baier+Köppel GmbH as well as a growing range of lubrication and maintenance products for heavy equipment.

BEKAWORLD specializes in custom solutions that take the time, effort and waste out of routine lubrication requirements. BEKA is an industry-leading name in oil and grease pumps, as it has been since 1927.

For mobile construction equipment, processing machinery, heavy-duty hydraulic breakers, lifting booms and more, BEKA is here to help you run easy, run longer, every working day.

Having served North American industry for more than 25 years, supported by a worldwide legacy dating back to 1927, BEKAWORLD has helped thousands of US and Canadian equipment managers specify the right solution. Learn how a BEKA autolube system keeps your equipment up and running, avoiding unscheduled down time and you making money.

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