Alan Gross

Torque & Tension Products sometimes get complicated. At AMG Bolting Solutions we aim to make buying and learning about MRO tools simple.

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Founded in 2012 by Alan Gross, AMG Bolting Solutions serves as an industrial torque and tension equipment manufacturer representative and supplier.


It has been Alan's goal to create a website where Plant Managers, Purchasing Agents, Maintenance Managers, and other MRO personnel can learn about bolting tools and fastener equipment like a hydraulic torque wrench, bolt tensioners, power pump packs, and joint alignment/separation tools.


But, learning is just the beginning, AMG Bolting Solutions offers an ecommerce portal so buyers of industrial bolting tools and equipment can add items to a cart and use at as an instant quote, then, if they want to purchase their bolting / fastener supplies just checkout online -- saving you time and money.


If you have any questions about Enerpac, Ingersoll Rand, TORC, and/or Riverhawk products please give us a call.