Jet-Black of Rockland’s Tips for Sealcoating Big Jobs

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  1. Plan and organize the job well in advance.
  2. Communicate with the customer – both in advance of the job and throughout the work.
  3. Establish who is responsible for communicating with residents and people using the parking lots.
  4. Establish who is responsible for clearing and shutting down areas to be sealcoated.
  5. Evaluate the advantages and costs of a drop tank and use of pre-mixed sealer.
  6. Locate a drop tank in a spot convenient to sealcoating crew and sealer supplier – but out of the way of the client and those using the property.
  7. Arrive on site for delivery of the drop tank to make sure it’s placed where you want it.
  8. Rent a melter/applicator with a wand for cracksealing to speed that process (assuming there are extensive cracks to be sealed.
  9. Add an additional small sealer tank so you can run two crews simultaneously.