Crack Repair March 2010

Here is just a few of the products available for crack repair.

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Black Repair Mastic


  • Wide crack repair
  • Crack leveling
  • Pot hole repair
  • Manhole and utility box leveling


Deery American Corporation

CP Heated Hose Melter/Applicator


The SealMaster Crack Pro Heated Hose Machine for hot pour crack sealing gets material is ready to apply within one hour

  • Oil-jacketed melter/applicator
  • Both the burner and the engine are powered by diesel fuel
  • Available in 125-, 200- and 400-gal. tank capacities



Crack Fill Melter Pots


The 10-gal. wheeled melter works on both hot and cold pour material. Mounted on steel wheels and equipped with spring loaded hand controlled release valve steel screed for striking off sealant in uniform width, burner assembly with hose, as well as a platform for propane bottle. The 30-gal. Direct Fire Melter features a hand agitator, temperature gauge, hose, burner, retractable lifting handles, hinged lid and 1 1/2-in. Molasses valve.


Sage Distributing

Crack Jet II


  • New improved sleek body style
  • New electronic spark ignition for easy lighting
  • Comes complete with 30-lb. propane bottle ready to work
  • Larger pneumatic tires for easy maneuverability
  • One man crack preparation tool
  • Cleans, dries, and etches the walls of the crack allowing for proper bonding of fill material
  • Fully self contained heat lance produces 2,800 degrees of hot air at 90 cfm


KM International

Flex-a-Fill crack sealant


  • Hot-applied crack sealant
  • Said to outperform cold-pour sealers
  • No double-boiler expense
  • Designed to not track or bleed through
  • Bonds to asphalt or concrete
  • Traffic-ready in 10 minutes
  • No sanding needed under most conditions


Crafco Inc.

Grazor router


Billy Goat Grazor

  • Removes vegetation, debris, and oxidized material and burnishes sidewalls
  • 360-degree swiveling 5-in. caster for maximum maneuverability
  • 4.5-hp Subaru with cyclonic air filter or 4-hp Honda with oil bath air cleaner
  • 5-position height adjustment, solid steel wire bristles, and 8-in. pneumatic rear tires
  • Billy Goat Ind. Inc.


Billy Goat Ind. Inc.

Metro Series Melter Applicator


Cimline introduced its newest line of meltor applicators at the ConExpo-Con/Agg show. The Metro Series is available in 150-, 275-, and 425-gal. capacities. The new hose carrier has a three-section articulated boom available in single or dual hose models. The Metro Series also comes with Fume-Guard to burn off excess fumes generated from heating sealant.


Cimline, Inc.

Nuvo Crack Sealant


Nuvo hot pour asphalt crack and concrete joint sealants offer superior crack penetration, quick set-up times, wide application temperature ranges and fast melt times.

  • InteliBond Technology promotes adhesion to pavement, not tires
  • PolySkin packaging melts completely into product so there's no waste to clean up and it's environmentally friendly
  • Long storage life
  • Various formulations, including Nuvo Elite for areas with extreme climate variations, and Nuvo CS for any climate


Maxwell Products Inc.