Product Spotlight: Crack Repair May 2006

Generation II Magma Series, MA-15 Push Melter, CS8 Random Crack Saw, Lastek 33 Crack Sealer and more.

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Generation II Magma Series

  • Melter/applicators in 110-, 230-, and 410-gal. capacities
  • Superflex III heated hose
  • Wand incorporates replaceable aluminum pipe, ball valve construction and trigger flow control
  • 60-gal. unit also available Cimline Inc.

MA-15 Push Melter

  • 14 gauge steel, 1 1/3-in. valve
  • Swivel front wheel
  • Fingertip controls Seal-Tuff Mfg.

CS8 Random Crack Saw

  • Follow random crack patterns in asphalt and concrete surfaces
  • 8-inch diameter, dry cut-type diamond blades produce smooth-sided cuts for proper crack filling
  • Center-mounted blade configuration allows CS8 to center pivot about its own axis to follow random crack patterns
  • 1/2-inch max cutting width, 1-1/2 inch max straight-line cutting depth General Equipment Co.

Lastek 33 Crack Sealer

  • Rubberized asphalt emulsion-based sealer
  • For filling cracks up to ½ in. wide in concrete or asphalt
  • Elastic ready-to-use, no heat needed Maintenance Inc.

Billy Goat Grazor

  • Removes vegetation, debris, and oxidized material and burnishes sidewalls
  • 360-degree swiveling 5-in. caster for maximum maneuverability Billy Goat Ind. Inc.

Melting Kettle and Crack Jet

  • KM 55 Melting Kettle is thermostatically controlled for hot crack sealants; 55-gal. capacity; features full-sweep agitation and utility torch to heat valve, tools, and pour pots
  • KM Crack Jet is self-contained heat lance with 2800° F at 90 CFM output; cleans, dries, and etches cracks Keizer-Morris Inc.

Glenzoil 20 Plus

  • Replaces conventional blotting materials
  • Spray onto hot-melt crack sealant, traffic can resume immediately after use
  • No clean-up Emulso Corp.

Super Shot Melter/Applicator

  • No valves
  • Few moving parts
  • No hose pressure build-up
  • Available in three sizes
  • Optional compressor, auto loader, engine cover, router carrier Crafco Inc.