SealMaster to Feature Robotic Crack Sealer at CONEXP

Among a host of other new and updated products, SealMaster has a lot to display at the trade show. However, it's award winning robo-sealer is a highlight, and is worth seeing a demonstration.

Rmv Side Profile
Provided by SealMaster

CONEXPO is the biggest event you can imagine for construction professionals. Asphalt and road maintenance professionals come in droves to see the latest and greatest innovations for their business. 

One of the most impressive pieces of technology that pavement pros will want to stop by and see is the CrackPro Robotic Maintenance Vehicle (RMV) at the SealMaster booth #C32315. Robotic Maintenance Vehicles began with a concept from Pioneer Industrial Systems to provide safer work zones for our nation’s highway maintenance crews. RMV performs faster and more accurate maintenance, reducing the amount of equipment and labor needed, conserving material and money, and keeping roadworkers out of harm’s way. 

The CrackPro is equipped with an advanced AI vision software called VISTA that utilizes both cameras and lasers to help guide its six-axis FANUC R20000iC robot arm. It wields an crack sealant applicator attached to a 260-gallon Crack Pro Melter. The whole rig only requires a single operator to employ, and they can stay in the cabin of the truck, out of harms way on the road, all while the robot arm does the work of guiding the crack sealant wand. It also includes an attached 15-hp blowers to clean out dust, dirt, debris from cracks before filling.

“It makes precise decisions, runs at a consistent speed, and can cover three shifts a day with fewer people,” says RMV Representative Tyler Roth. RMV is a division of Pioneer Industrial Systems, which specializes in producing automated and robotic manufacturing solutions. 

How it does this is by integrating the AI vision system, which can measure and scan the pavement cracks, then control the flow of material by communicating with the arm. SealMaster will also display its:

  • Crack Pro 125 Melter / Applicator with dual heated hoses;
  • TR 575 SprayMaster sealer application unit with Pro Air system;
  • 300-gallon Mastic Machine;
  • TR 300 Heated Asphalt Distributor; and
  • R1 Aggregate Chip Spreader.

The CrackPro RMV earned Pioneer Industrial Systems the Fanuc America 2022 Innovative System of the Year award, and the 2021 AFWERX Flightline of the Future Challenge for Airfield Maintenance and Repair. Fanuc is a leading global supplier of robots.  AFWERX is an innovation arm of the Department of the Air Force, supporting both the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Space Force.

To request a demonstration email [email protected], or visit and submit the online form with your contact information.