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The RY10 Professional Crack Fill Melter / Applicator uses up to 50% less fuel than traditional melter applicators – and it’s got built in time-saving innovations, too.

  • On-the-Fly Agitation means contractors don’t need to stop and stir – just agitate right from the handlebars while on the go
  • Flame-out Sensor means no more downtime because the flame has gone out and the crack fill is no longer molten
  • Sealed Burner creates greater temperature control, reducing crystallization and flame-outs
  • The sealed burner and re-engineered kettle reduce crack filler melting time by almost 35%, getting the job done more quickly and efficiently
  • The heat-treated forge steel axles, in combination with special wheel bushings, are less vulnerable to the changing temperature of the kettle. Wheel binding is reduced
  • The RY10 Pro has been optimized for single-user operation
  • At 140 lbs, it rolls easily onto any trailer. Just add a propane tank and go
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