Robotic Maintenance Vehicle (RMV) Crack Sealer

The Robotic Crack Sealer uses smart AI vision that scans the road to accurately identify cracks in the pavement, accompanied by a 6-axis industrial robot and custom sealant kettle to precisely dispense sealant.

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The RMV is a full truck chassis equipped with a FANUC R2000 robot attached, Stateline Generator, Integrated Blow-Off System, AI Vision Software, Custom SealMaster Crack Pro.

  • Offers a new way for the asphalt maintenance/road maintenance industry to increase safety and efficiency in improving maintenance
  • Safety – removes workers from harm's way and not exposed to traffic
  • Faster – runs at a consistent speed with FANUC R2000 Robot
  • Quality – equipped with controls parameters and making precise decisions. Measuring cracks and controlling material flow for each specific crack
  • Labor – only requires one operator, which reduces the requirement of filling labor shortages. The truck also works at night; therefore, it can work multiple shifts with less labor
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