EZ STREET Unveils Its Hybrid Technology at NPE West 2008

EZ STREET'S new cold asphalt.

Attendees at NPE West had the opportunity to be some of the first contractors to see EZ STREET's newly unveiled Hybrid Technology for cold asphalt. The new cold asphalt uses modern recycling techniques and alternative fuel sources to create a "greener" product for the asphalt industry.

To achieve the Hybrid Technology, EZ STREET replaced portions of the ingredients of the original EZ STREET cold asphalt with naturally occurring fuels. Re-crushed asphalt particles are also included in the new cold asphalt. The new mix has a better shelf life and improved cold weather workability, according to The EZ STREET Company.

With the "Green" movement growing, EZ STREET's new Hybrid Technology is one way paving and patching contractors can make themselves and their industry more "green". The natural components in the mix also give it a citrus smell, which means the contractors using the product won't have to smell oil when applying it.

To learn more about EZ STREET Hybrid Technology you can visit the company's Web page at www.ezstreetasphalt.com .

National Pavement Expo 2009 will be February 18-21 in Charlotte, NC. Please visit www.nationalpavementexpo.com to learn more.

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