GreensGroomer WorldWide

Indianapolis, IN 46241

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Years in business:Since: 1996
Number of employees:11-50
4555 W. Bradbury Ave, Suite 1
Indianapolis, IN 46241
Toll Free:(888-298-8852)
Since 1996 GreensGroomer WorldWide has been focused on straightforward and effective engineering solutions for golf and athletic turf maintenance. As of 2015, there are over 9000 original GreensGroomer units in operation preparing championship facilities. By focusing on highly efficient equipment with low mechanical complexity, GreensGroomer has become the benchmark in both the natural and synthetic turf grooming markets. Products such as the 920 Groomer for premium topdressing on golf greens tees and fairways, to the 926 Integrated Synthetic Turf Groomer and LitterKat Debris Collection System for athletic fields, have revolutionized the way that turf professionals manage their facilities.
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