OSHA’s COVID Emergency Standard: Priorities to Work on Now

Employer responsibility to protect workers from COVID-19 is not going away, so Aclaimant Chief Risk Architect Gary Pearce describes what’s new in OSHA’s emergency temporary standard and work wise contractors start to match the urgency of the emergency

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Legal challenges to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration’s COVID-19 temporary emergency standard have introduced uncertainty, but are unlikely to make it vanish. This Part 2 of a conversation with Chief Risk Architect Gary Pearce for risk-management technology provider Aclaimant Solutions, details requirements the standard adds to existing COVID guidance, and offers a priority list of projects for contractors to work on so that when the standard is implemented, their workforce won’t attract investigations. In Part 1, Gary discusses the legal challenges, prospects for passage and unusual timing that underscores the urgency of the emergency standard.