Connecting Modular Construction to Housing Shortages

This Digging Deeper Podcast episode discusses how modular construction can address housing shortages featuring Chris Anderson, CEO of Vantem.

Connecting Modular Construction to Housing Shortages
Inside one of Vantem's modular construction factories. At capacity, one would be capable of manufacturing 1 million sq. ft. of living space per year.

Is the housing shortage a true shortage of housing or is it a backlog due to the current rate of construction? What can be done to speed that and catch up to the needs of the country? This Digging Deeper episode features the interview of editor Jonathan Kozlowski and Chris Anderson, CEO of Vantem.

Vantem manufactures factory-built, finished, modular units designed to speed and simplify the construction of high-quality, affordable, and energy-efficient (Net-Zero) apartment buildings and single-family homes. With funding from Breakthrough Energy Ventures, they’ve just recently put a foundation down onto U.S. soil.

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