CN100 Sub-Compact Sweeper

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Madvac CN100 Sub-Compact Sweeper
  • Madvac Inc. introduces the CN100 sub-compact sweeper with a hopper capacity of 1.15 cu. yds. Created to give the operator maximum visibility, the CN100 is ideal for sidewalks, alleys, parking lots, bike paths, and streets. The sweeper has road speeds up to 16 mph, a three-stage dust filtering system and a 44- to 88-in. sweep path.
  • PRE17789
  • CN100 Sub-Compact Vacuum Sweeper
  • 44- to 88-in. sweep path
  • Created to give the operator maximum visibility
  • Road speeds up to 16 mph
  • Three-stage dust filtering system
  • Stainless steel debris container
  • Madvac Inc.
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