The iQ1550 21.5-in. Dry-Cut Masonry Saw with Integrated Dust Collection

Save cutting time and increase productivity with the construction industry's first 21.5-in. dry-cut masonry saw with integrated dust collection - announced for World of Concrete 2023.

I Q1550 2022 Resized
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iQ Power Tools' iQ1550 masonry saw is a huge leap forward in cutting technology. This is not your grandfather’s masonry saw. Whether materials to-be-cut are small or large, this tool is designed to save cutting time and increase productivity. 

The iQ1550 can tackle any jobsite, dry cutting and eliminating the dust cloud, allowing workers to increase their efficiency and productivity while maintaining a safe work environment.

Equipped with a 230v Super Duty 3 HP saw motor and 3HP vac motor, it can handle cutting through 8” wall blocks and capture the dust. It’s integrated dust collection chamber holds 75 pounds of dust and with the automatic filter cleaning system maintenance is simple. Highly portable, the iQ1550™ is equipped with high-floatation tires, forklift pockets, and a center lift point to make transportation easy.

The iQ1550 features the following industry firsts:

  • 21.5 in. Q-Drive blade with a 8 in. depth and a full 16 in. length of cut
  • Saw Dimensions: 32-in. wide by 67-in. high by 51-in. length
  • Unmatched cutting speed

Designed with soft start technology, the iQ Power Management System controls the power ramp up without the spike and the automatic filter cleaning system. Easily transported around the jobsite, the cutting performance and speed of the iQ1550 along with integrated dust collection makes it the ultimate saw for serious masonry and hardscape professionals.

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