Trailers Rental July 2007

Featured trailer products include Transcraft, Landoll, Bri-Mar and more.

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DEMCO DT6000 HD from Dethmers

  • Aluminum tilt-bed trailer
  • 5,980-lb. GVWR
  • Overall trailer length of 20 ft.; 14-ft. bed length
  • Maximum loading degree incline of 15 degrees
  • Surge brakes on all four wheels with self-adjusting uni servo brake shoes


Bri-Mar HT-820 Deck Over

  • Low deck height
  • 13-degree deck angle
  • 96 in. wide
  • Power up/power down


Towmaster T-HD14

  • Hydraulic dump trailer
  • 14,000-lb. capacity
  • Adjustable hitch
  • 82-in.-wide deck
  • 18-in.-high sides with optional add-on sides


Trail-Eze T70XT Low Load Angle Trailer

  • 70,000-lb. distributed and 40,000-lb. concentrated capacity in 10 ft.
  • 48-ft. overall length and 102-in. overall width
  • 12,000-lb. winch and wireless remote control


Lift-A-Load Elevating Platform Trailer

  • Hydraulically raises and lowers equipment to the ground while the platform remains level
  • Minimum loading angle for low ground clearance or reduced gradability vehicles
  • Several styles from straight tongue to gooseneck hitch
  • Capacities from 4,400 to 15,000 lbs.


JLG Triple L Trailers

  • 6,000-lb. capacity
  • Interior width of 5 ft. 10 in. by 12 ft. 6 in.
  • Lowering or raising the platform can be accomplished in 15 seconds with single lever that operates hydraulics


Bil-Jax Escalate Hydraulic Lift Trailers

  • Can lower and raise the decks to and from the ground
  • 6-degree ramp angle
  • ET 7000 with 7,000-lb. capacity
  • ET 12000 with 12,000-lb. capacity


Maurer Gooseneck Tiltbed

  • 16 ft. of tilting bed; 6 ft. of stationary bed
  • 12,000-lb. GVWR
  • 102-in. bed width with rub-rail
  • 17 degrees of tilt


Transcraft Drop-Deck Trailers

  • DTL 2100 and DTL 3000 drop-deck trailers feature standard beavertail ramp systems or a level-deck option
  • Can be loaded to the end of the trailer with the addition of 4x4 timbers
  • Designed to haul heavy equipment payloads at lower fuel costs
  • Adjustable ramps allow them to be placed the full width of the trailer
  • Spring-assisted lift package standard


Landoll 900 Series Traveling Tail Trailer

  • 35- or 50-ton capacities
  • One hydraulic control for three hydraulic functions
  • No hydraulic lines, hinges or pins behind the tail to maintain
  • Tandem or triple axle
  • Available with 12-, 14- or 15-ft. tail lengths
  • Low load angle to as low as 11° possible with 15-ft. tail
  • Standard powder coat paint, LED lighting package, 12-in. crossmember spacing and more


Eager Beaver 25GLB-L Lowboy

  • 25-ton 25GLB-L fixed-gooseneck lowboy unit with beavertail ramps and all-wheel ABS
  • 50,000-lb. capacity
  • 9,400-lb. trailer weight
  • Deck measures 102 in. wide and18 ft. in length
  • Overall length of 38 ft. 11 in.
  • Eight 215/75R 17.5 (H) tires
  • Spring parking brakes on all axles