Trailer Round-up March 2007

Spotlight on trailers.

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Transcraft Drop-deck Trailers
The DTL 2100 and DTL 3000 drop-deck trailers feature standard beavertail ramp systems or a level-deck option.

  • Can be loaded to the end of the trailer with the addition of 4x4 timbers
  • Designed to haul heavy equipment payloads at lower fuel costs
  • Adjustable ramps allow them to be placed the full width of the trailer
  • Spring-assisted lift package standard


Hiniker Company
Hiniker Dual Track
The Dual Track is designed to be two trailers in one.

  • Quickly converts from 64-in. axle in highway mode to 40 in. in trail mode
  • Constructed of formed tubular steel
  • 1-ton load capacity


Best Trailer, Inc.
Best Trailer TB82x16T Tandem Tilt Bed
The TB82x16T tandem tilt bed trailer can be rated up to 16,000-lb. GVWR with a 13,000-lb. capacity and 12¡ load angle empty.

  • Dampening cylinder for tilt-mode cushioning
  • 7K torsion axles
  • Sealed beam lighting
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Adjustable hitch
  • Eliminates need for ramps


Travis Body & Trailer Inc.
The Mule from Travis
The Mule horizontal discharge asphalt trailer from Travis Body & Trailer was specifically designed for hauling and unloading asphalt.


  • ÒWaveÓ body design -- a dual-walled smooth-sided aluminum trailer -- horizontally discharges asphalt into paving machine or transfer vehicle by using a Walking Floor system made by Keith Mfg. Co.
  • 28-foot-long, four-axle trailer, legal for 80,000 pounds gross in 37 states, weighs 10,998 pounds
  • Typical payload of 27 tons


Stahl Commercial Truck Equipment
Stahl Service Trailer
The Stahl Service Trailer (SST) combines the organized side compartment storage of a service body with the full-height interior storage of a trailer.

  • Exterior doors allow access to lower compartments, and tools can be positioned where needed
  • Large, walk-in interior storage area features open floor storage and adjustable side shelving
  • Available in 12- and 16-ft. models
  • Optional features include compartment lighting and ladder racks


Dakota Mfg. Co Inc./Trail-Eze Trailers
Trail-Eze T70XT Low Load Angle Trailer
The T70XT low load angle trailer offers a 70,000-lb. distributed and 40,000-lb. concentrated capacity in 10 ft.

  • 48-ft. overall length and 102-in. overall width
  • 12,000-lb. winch and wireless remote control
  • Long tail with 10¡ load angle and full tilt bed
  • Eight 235/75R X 17.5 radials (H) rating


Dethmers Mfg. Co. Inc.
DEMCO DT6000 HD from Dethmers

  • Aluminum tilt-bed trailer
  • 5,980-lb. GVWR
  • Overall trailer length of 20 ft.; 14-ft. bed length
  • Maximum loading degree incline of 15 degrees
  • Surge brakes on all four wheels with self-adjusting uni servo brake shoes


Felling Trailers
Felling Trailers Pan Series

  • For skid-steer loaders
  • Various deck options
  • 8,000- to 16,000-lb. GVWRs


Towmaster Trailers
Towmaster Contrail C-14LS

  • Deck-over style trailer designed to transport mid-sized equipment and larger skid steers
  • Hauls 14,000 lbs.
  • Two 7,000-lb. Dexter Torflex axles
  • 235/85R X 16 - 10 ply tires
  • 8- X 16- or 18-ft. long deck
  • Wood covered 5-ft. beavertail and 5-ft. long, side-adjustable ramps


Dakota Mfg. Co Inc./Trail-Eze Trailers
Trail-Eze TE70XT

  • Low loading angle with no moving axles
  • Small-tire equipment loads as easily as larger equipment
  • No worries about axle alignment, parts wearing out or not being able to push back under the load


Landoll Corp.
Landoll 900 Series Traveling Tail Trailer
The 900 Series traveling tail trailer is available in 35- or 50-ton capacities.

  • One hydraulic control for three hydraulic functions
  • No hydraulic lines, hinges or pins behind the tail to maintain
  • Tandem or triple axle
  • Available with 12-, 14- or 15-ft. tail lengths
  • Low load angle as low as 11 degrees is possible with 15-ft. tail
  • Standard powder coat paint, LED lighting package, 12-in. crossmember spacing and more


Felling Trailers
Felling Rigid Neck Semi Tilt Deck Trailer
The Rigid Neck Semi Tilt Deck trailers come in three sizes ranging from 35- to 50-ton payload capacities.

  • Tilt deck has standard 9-ft. top deck with tapered angle for smooth transition from the main deck when loading/unloading
  • 8-ft. 6-in.-wide white oak decking with overall deck length ranging from 38 to 53 ft.
  • Uni-mount 8-bolt hub pilot wheels
  • 200,000-lb. twin two-speed landing gear
  • Spring brake chambers on all axles