Win a Fontaine Revolution 52 Aluminum Trailer

Win a Fontaine Revolution 52 Aluminum Trailer

JASPER, AL -- Fontaine Trailer is giving away a new Revolution 52 aluminum flatbed Labor Day weekend. You can enter the trailer give-away contest at

Fontaine says its Revolution 52 is unique in its sleek, unitized design, made possible by technology borrowed from the aerospace industry. The patented design is said to maintain the integrity of the trailer geometry under load and under centrifugal force to provide superior handling, up to 30% better tire wear and up to 3% better fuel economy. It is also credited with virtually eliminatinig "side-bow," so secured loads are less likely to shift in transit.

Fontaine says the patented one-piece extruded aluminum siderail withstands impact better than steel siderails. An integrated load securement system makes loading and unloading faster and safer.

The Fontaine Revolution family includes all-aluminum, combination and dropdeck trailer models. The maker claims that each model is the lightest, strongest trailer in its class with the highest weight-to-strength ratio in the industry.

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