Allison Rolls Out New Automatic Transmission Fluid

TES 668 utilizes the latest developments in synthetic fluid formulation and additive technologies to meet the needs of current and future applications.

Automatictransmissions 10076910
Allison Transmission

Allison Transmission announces a new formulation of its high-performing transmission fluid. TES 668 is a modern formulation with many advantages compared to mineral-based, non-synthetic fluids. This next generation transmission fluid is specified for all Allison 1000 Series, 2000 Series, 3000 Series and 4000 Series automatic transmissions.

TES 668 builds on the performance of TES 295 fluid in a number of key areas, such as oxidative stability, anti-wear performance and friction modifier durability. These factors improve the quality of the shifts and reduce the noise, vibration and harshness experienced as the fluid ages. Better friction performance provides more consistent clutch application—even across temperature variations and load sizes.

The formulation of TES 668 meets the most demanding specs related to fluid stability, lubrication and cold operation. This allows Allison to back long drain intervals, even when operating under heavy loads. TES 668 is specified for Allison products to ensure ideal operation. There are a range of problems that come from using an unapproved fluid in an Allison product, such as seal and friction issues, which will impact overall product durability. Using genuine automatic transmission fluid from an Allison Approved or Authorized partner is key to optimum performance and the long-lasting durability of Allison’s products.