Hops & Highways S3 E01: LIVE FROM CONEXPO 2023

Brandon Noel, Editor of Asphalt Contractor Magazine, and Evan Triggs, VP Earthwave Technologies, have a Sierra Nevada pale ale at CONEXPO 2023, and discuss the post COVID construction tech-boom, and some possible futures for the industry.

On the second day of CONEXPO 2023, Brand Noel and Evan Triggs got together at the official ACBM interview booth to catch up and discuss all-things technology for the road building and asphalt industry. During the show, which turned out to be the largest and most well-attended CONEXPO in history, there was a lot of new technology on display for the construction industry to see.

In this episode of Hops & Highways, the two discuss how these might be approached by contractors and business owners who are looking to either acquire their first piece of new technology (hardware or software), and where to start if you're somewhere wanting to add new services.